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2008-07-22 21:19:25 by bluedragon9151

Okay, so, As far as the current flash is going.

1.) I'm loving how the flash is going. One of my biggest fears is no longer in existent. That would be the action scripting. I'm loving it. Thank god for the all-knowing newgrounds community. As of right now, I must remember to give my thanks to Users "zrb" and "El-Presidente"

2.) My next fear, the script. I know where i'm going, I am just having problems finishing it. It's been a while since i've touched the scipt.

3.) I'm still conserned about the voice actors. particularly a female voice actor. I've been browsing "" and am rather impressed by the range of female voice actors. I would just like to avoid offending them with the script...but now that i think about it...i can't think of anything that offensive.


Now about the previous flash i subbited.

Well, I subbited it because I felt it was good work for 4 days work. Unfortunetly, before i submitted it, I had to convert it to the correct file type. But when i did, some of the files were corrupted. So I ended up with a soundless flash with a red background. I'm a bit embaressed, particularly because I didn't watch it before i submitted it. That was ignorant of me.

But this upcoming flash will be great! I have high expectations! But it will take some time. Perhaps a month or two with this current job.

I also have to gather the particular music, and get good character design.

Well, I've had a DS for a long time and wanted to pick a game. The day I was picking one up I was reminded of some memories of an anime that had a Phoenix Wright Reference in it. I figured "Why not" ya know? So, I picked up and brought home a used "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney" It was a game that i really liked. Though I can't explain why. Eventually, I was looking up Youtube videos, Tabs, and What order the next games went in. I coulndn't pick up the second, but got the third and fourth.

Eventually, me and friend just kept making references back and fourth. Things like "You clearly contradicted yourself" and pointing at each other.

Quite a bit after I had gotten Phoenix Wright, I finally got my hands on flash. I wasn't sure what to do, i wanted a small project, and i got one. I made an educational flash for my astronomy class starring nintendo's Kirby. I had a lot of fun doing that and wanted to takle a larger task.

Well, here I am about 2 months later and I thought I could make up a Phoenix Wright Game on Flash. Easy. So, I planned out a murder, then evidense, then characters, then backstory.

All of which was in my head until today.

After Drawing a character design for a friend (God i hate yellow), I wrote out character's, found some names online, and made a timeline. I have to draw up some character desings, and see how i'm gonna do this in flash. Gotta make some more planning, and find out how to do some basic/intermediate action scripting. I have to plan out how i'm gonna do the Scenes, what buttons will lead where and get some voice acting.

Not to bad, I had a lot of fun with the Kirby educatoinal flash, I think i'm gonna have a lot of fun doing this....interactive movie.

The worst of my fears right now is actionscripting. Specifically, how i'm gonna do the court record, and how i'm gonna make a life gauge. Perhaps i'll try and get a hold of The person who made that one phoenix wright game that starred Pico for Pico day 2008.

Plus I'm worried about my voice actors.